Apple introduces iOS 11

iOS 11 has set a new record as it is regarded as the most advanced mobile operating system of all time. The latest operating system (iOS) for iPhone and iPad make them more capable than ever. iPhones and iPads are the most personal, powerful, and intelligent devices they’ve ever been with this operating system.

As it is known that Apple presents its operating systems in early June of every year, this process was repeated this year. Apple presented iOS 11 at the WWDC conference early June of 2017. However, it wont be available for all the compatible devices by September.

The latest iOS 11 includes a host of new features and interface changes, including a new file system with the Files app, ARKit, an augmented reality platform, a new Dock for iPad, drag and drop support, a redesigned Control Center, a redesigned App Store, improved Siri, Apple Pay in Messages and much more. Highlighted below are the details of the new features to watch out for in this latest operating system.

Apple Pay

Users can now make payments via iMessage for iOS or via Siri; using a debit or credit card that’s stored in their Wallet. Once the payment is made, the money enters into the Apple Pay Cash account. It can then be used to buy something in stores or sent to other people via Apple Pay. It can be transferred to a bank account, as well.

For this to work, your friends have to be on the iOS 11 operating system. So it doesn’t have the exact features of Square Cash or Venmo, but I still appreciate the idea of transacting through Messages instead of a third-party app.

Automatic App Deletion

One of the great features of iOS 11 is the option to automatically delete unused apps through a new feature called Offload Unused Apps. Basically, this feature gets rid of apps you don’t use often.

One amazing thing about this feature is that it retains related documents and data, this means you can restore the app when you need it. A simple click on the app’s icon will restore it.

This process automatically kicks in, when you are running low on storage.

Screen Capture

During WWDC, Apple didn’t mention that iOS 11 would allow for easy screen capturing, but developers with the beta release gave us a peek. You can screen record right from the new Control Center to capture whatever you do.

Camera App

The new Camera app gets support for HEIF encoding and HEVC encoding. Both allows you to save videos and photos on your device with the same high quality but amazingly half of the file size. The Camera app also adds high quality filters.

Siri Translations

With Siri, you can translate English words and phrases into German, Chinese, Italian, French or Spanish. Right now, we don’t know how well it works, but the concept of going to France and having Siri translate a phrase for me is awesome. It won’t be necessary to navigate through Google Assistant app when Siri is automatically enabled.

App Store

With new today, games, and apps tabs, iOS 11 has completely redesigned the App Store. Think of it as a feed featuring new apps and new games. This makes it easier to browse the App store based on the type of content you are looking for.


Maps app on iOS 11 is improved with the addition of detailed floor plans for airports and malls including the ability to browse by floor. Maps also introduces the “Do Not Disturb” mode while driving, which is great for new and old drivers alike.


This operating system has many more features. If your interested, you can join the Beta program and download it for yourself. iOS has certainly come a long way, and is turning into more than just a mobile operating system. Its changing the way we use mobile devices for sure. I for one am very excited about these new features!