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Ask An Advocate: MnCHOICES Assessment

Q. I have a 16 year old son with a disability, and due to his disability, he needs help taking care of himself. He isn’t able to help much around the house and I help him with things like getting dressed and showering. Other family members help him too but we don’t get any other […]

Ask An Advocate: Housing Expense Support

Q: I just found out that I have the chance to move from a group home into my own apartment within miles of my family in northern Minnesota. I have been hoping to live independently, near my family for a long time. I have saved and I am able to pay for movers, a security […]

A New Political Landscape: 2018 Midterm Election Outcomes

Were you one of the nearly 2.6 million Minnesotans who got out and voted in Tuesday’s midterm elections? Thanks to everyone who activated their civil right to vote, this was the highest voter turnout in a midterm election in over fifteen years - since 2002!   The election resulted in some significant changes in Washington […]

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