Helping aspiring entrepreneurs take that first step.

If you are looking to take the leap into consulting, freelancing, or starting that side hustle but may not know how to start, I got your back. Through my life experiences of starting and selling a business, along with my MBA backing I can help you achieve your goals!

Quantic MBA Graduate
Cybersecurity Professional

Transition from IT Professional to Entrepreneur with a plan.

In 2014 I started Grove Technologies an award winning MSP based in Washington DC. In 2022 I successfully sold the business It didn't happen overnight.

I developed a series of strategies to de-risk the process. Let me help you take that critical first step to shift you from employee, to entrepreneur.

  • Planning

    We'll create a strategic roadmap to guide you through the process.

  • Transition

    Taking the first step is hard. We outline ways to de-risk that phase.

  • Growth

    We'll help you stay on track your progress based on your set goals.

Certifications Held
Projects completed
My Affiliations, Certifications and Awards
Apple Certified Professional
MBA Quantic Graduate
Certified Mosyle Administrator
Certified Jumpcloud Technician
Certified JAMF Pro Associate
5 Years Kandji MDM Experience
Google Cybersecurity and Project Management Certifications
Certified Addigy Technician
ICS2 CISSP Candidate
Founder of Grove Technologies
Certified CMMC RP
Channel Futures 501 Award Winner
Certified Wireless Technician

Get to know

Jon Brown

Over the course of Jon's life he has been not only an Entrepreneur but also an IT Professional, graphic designer, web developer, Apple admin, and mentor.


Grove Technologies

Jon Brown, founded Grove Technologies in 2014 and exited in 2022. Grove was an innovative IT Services company that met the needs of Apple focused organizations nationwide.

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Grove Technologies
Design & Development

Graphic & Web Designer

From 2001-2023 Jon Brown has been an off again, on again graphic designer and web developer. Explore his journey and career highlights.

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Jon Brown Designs

Mentor & Consulting

Learn how Jon went from employee to Entrepreneur by starting his journey as a consultant, and giving back through mentorship.

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Jon Brown Consulting
iOS & Swift Development

iOS & Mac OS Apps

Since 2006 Jon Brown has been an iOS and macOS developer, with many apps in the iOS and macOS App Store, explore his creations over time.

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Jon Brown Developing

Here’s what past customers are saying about me

Time to put money where my mouth is. Don't just take my word for it, I've worked with hundreds of companies and individuals to help them reach their potential.

“Jon excels as a leader and he has the ability to solve complex issues”

Jon has many unique talents! I've witnessed his wide range of abilities; Jon is incredibly technical, excels as a leader, and he has the ability to solve complex issues. It has been a privilege to work alongside him!

Shaun Smallwood

Technology Advisor

Shaun Smallwood

“Jon is equal parts mac genius, conflict negotiator & dreamer”

Jon is equal parts mac genius, conflict negotiator, dreamer and karaoke singer. He changed the way we relate to IT at BSD in a way that has allowed us to work more seamlessly, more securely, and with greater speed.

Ben Murray

Advocacy & Technology | Consultant to Causes

Ben Murray

“He solved the problem that had been frustrating my team for weeks!”

I found and contacted Jon through his website, which has been a fantastic resource for me over the past year. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly to work with. He solved the problem that had been frustrating my team for weeks in a few hours. We couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Tony Banta

Chief Success Officer

Tony Banta

“He breaks down complex problems and works with amazing diligence!”

Jon is an incredible IT leader with a strong customer service outlook. He breaks down complex problems and works with amazing diligence and personal commitment to implement solutions. These strong skills are matched with a rarer quality: compassion for the users he serves.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Chief of Streets for the city of Boston

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

“Jon Brown is a brilliant leader and manager”

Jon Brown is a brilliant leader and manager. Having worked in a supervisor position myself, I really understand the effort and skill Jon put into managing our department. Jon helped me through my inexperience by providing me with training, pointing me towards resources, providing documentation, and reinforcing that he was there to help.

Malcolm Moore

Senior AV Specialst

Malcolm Moore

“Jon is a great communicator”

Not only is Jon a technological expert, able to solve problems from hardware and security issues to helping us design, build and launch new websites. But he is also a great communicator. He breaks down complex technical issues and explains them in a way that is easy to understand.

Nick Field

Finance Specialist

Nick Field

“He's proactive and planful for the long-term”

Jon is by far the best IT person I've worked with over the past 15 years. He's proactive and planful for the long-term, he documents changes well for remarkably smooth company-wide transitions, and he is always patient and approachable one-on-one, no matter how basic the question.

Diane Kaplan

Software Engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks

Diane Kaplan

“Jon Brown is a consummate IT professional”

Jon Brown is a consummate IT professional who was generous with his time and wealth of knowledge. He was a pleasure to work with as we improved operational efficiencies, documentation, and standardization at Interlaced. I relied heavily on him for his understanding of new technologies and MSP space.

Darius Jones

Project Manager

Darius Jones

“He's straightforward, thoughtful, and effective”

Over the last seven years, Jon has been my supervisor, my colleague, and my friend. He will go above and beyond to find an IT solution that works, even in the face of ridiculous challenges and demands. He won't say NO ... he'll rise to the occasion and work quickly and efficiently to solve the issue of the moment.

Kate Zawidzki

Copy Editor at Cooley

Kate Zawidzki

“He has the patience of a saint”

Jon is meticulous and thorough. He has the patience of a saint and a dedication to a job done well AND correctly. Additionally, he is personable and a good communicator. His passion for his work is evident. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and have only the highest regard for him personally and professionally.

Annie Jaxon

Technical Project Manager at One Door

Annie Jaxon

These are some companies I have worked with

Eleven Peppers Studios

Thoughts on all things Apple, Business and Entrepreneurship

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