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We exist to help improve the development and
design of MacOS and iOS apps.

Animal Age for iOS
BeFit for iOS
Seafood Guide for iOS
Animal Age for iOS

About Us

Jon started Jon Brown Designs as a Mac enthusiast and hobbyist. When Konfabulator first hit the scene, thats when the company first started creating widgets for the platform to be used on users desktops.

When Konfabulator was sold to Yahoo, Apple started with their Dashboard environment. Jon quickly adapted his creations for the Apple platform and has been developing ever since.

While the Dashboard environment has taken a back seat to the more popular iOS and OSX Apps as of late, we still develop actively on the Dashboard platform, constantly improving our widgets and making sure they are compatible with new OSX releases.

As a company we are also, interested in web development and design and started looking carefully at the design aspect of everything we create. We are a small design company focusing on creating well designed tools and solutions targeted for the Mac OSX Platform.