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Cybersecurity Threats and Talent Shortage

Cybersecurity risks and threats are issues that all organizations, large and small, must deal with. Whether the issues are information security program related or a technical challenge, organizations need to have the personnel resources to solve the cybersecurity issues as aligned to the business requirements set forth. In an ever-growing cloud-based services industry, information security risk is never greater. Cyberattacks are growing in impact and frequency. Not a week passes without a headline of another cybersecurity attack such as a data breach or a ransomware attack. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their attack methods and motivations. How an organization protects customer information and implements required security controls is becoming of utmost importance.

Some of the common cybersecurity issues an organization must face and answer:

  • Is your network protected against vulnerabilities?
  • Do you have a comprehensive remediation plan to keep assets up to date and safe?
  • Does your organization have a cybersecurity framework you have implemented and must align to?
  • Are your customers requiring you to implement a new cyber security solution you may not have the experience in-house or expertise to facilitate it?
  • Does the organization understand current and future threats and how they might impact the organization?
  • In the event of a breach, how quickly can your organization contain it and respond to the incident in terms of data recovery and systems uptime?
  • Do you have employees who can quickly help you fill the gaps for key, critical projects that arise in a short period of time they may not have the expertise with?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions your organization might be vulnerable to certain cybersecurity threats and risks that you need to take into consideration. The biggest challenge for many organizations that lack appropriate cybersecurity personal is lack of budget and resources. Demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals such as a CISO are at an all-time high which has resulted in a significant shortage of this needed leadership. Furthermore, this high demand and low supply creates the situation that high premiums are paid for these skilled cybersecurity professionals that make it hard for small to midsize organizations to be able to practically afford these resources.

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