iOS 11.1 released

This week we talked about the fact over 50% of iDevice users have updated their devices to iOS 11.

Well this Tuesday the 31/10/2017 Apple has released iOS 11.1 which fixes a security concern know as a KRACK attack.

The KRACK attack is a hack on wireless networks allowing hackers to decrypt Wi-Fi traffic which means the hacker can: eavesdrop on communications, perform man-in-the-middle attacks, hijack connections, and more.

This is not a fault specifically with iDevices or one caused by Apple but an industry wide security flaw with any device that uses WPA2 passwords on a WIFI connection.

However this is a sophisticated attack and it is not likely to affect many people. If your iDevice has iOS 11, the download for iOS 11.1 is in: Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 11.1 is available for iPhone 5s users and later, iPad Pros, iPad Air & later, iPad mini 2 & later.

As well as the major security flaw with WPA2, iOS 11.1 addresses other issues across iDevices which have a 3D Touch display mainly the use of the Application Switcher.

iOS 11.1 also includes 70 new emoji and other fixes and improvements.

You can read more about iOS 11.1 here:

Carry out this update or schedule it ASAP the next time you are on WIFI.