Mastering Transcription: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Hear

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Hey everybody! In today’s video, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorite Apple binary applications - Hear. Hear is an incredible program that allows you to transcribe text using the dictation feature directly from Terminal or convert audio and movie files into text. It utilizes the built-in dictation feature of Mac OS, making transcription tasks easier than ever before.

🔧 How to Use Hear:

Enable Dictation: Before you install Hear, ensure that dictation is enabled on your Mac. Check your system settings under keyboard preferences to turn on dictation.

Installation Steps:

  • Visit the GitHub repository (link below) and download the latest release (version 0.4 as of now).
  • Follow the installation instructions in Terminal using the provided command. If you encounter a permission denied error, use ‘sudo’ before the command and enter your password to install successfully.

Transcription Options:

  • Live Transcription: Type ‘hear’ in Terminal to transcribe audio live from your microphone.
  • File Transcription: Use the command ‘hear –d –i’ to transcribe audio or movie files directly in Terminal. Specify the input file and designate the output location.

💡 Why Hear is Awesome:

Hear is a well-maintained program that ensures accurate transcription without compromising your data privacy. It’s an invaluable tool for content creators, making it essential for creating quality videos and text content.

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