The No Longer Shared Bug has been Patched in iOS

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Tuesday 26th of May, Cupertino stated the bug in Family Sharing that caused apps not to open has been fixed. The bug would cause your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to show a message stating: “This app is no longer shared with you”, and requesting that you purchase the app yourself from the App Store.

This is despite the fact the app is still paid for and being shared via the family sharing feature.

The error affected many apps, including Facebook, Audible, & WhatsApp.

The issue first surfaced in May with the error impacting a large number of people using iOS devices.

Apple resolved the bug for everyone using an iOS device by the beginning of this week the 25th of May.

Family sharing is a great feature for iCloud and Apple really needs to get it right, it could be devastating not to receive a message from someone close to you that had been sent via WhatsApp for example.

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