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Why is a risk assessment so important?

A cyber security risk assessment is a critical activity performed on your company’s security policy procedures and infrastructure to reveal potential threats to key corporate assets and vulnerabilities in your current security controls as implemented.

What is the goal of a risk assessment?

The goal of a security risk assessment is to define the appropriate safeguards that your company will need to implement in order to align to your company’s risk assessment objective, profile, and priorities.

An organization faces many types of threats and risks that can impact its overall cybersecurity posture. While many organizations think of risks in terms of things, they understand such as natural disasters insider threats, the majority of risks faced by an organization are based on a combination of logical and technical controls on key assets and systems not being implemented or hardened to a level of security needed. In the evolving cybersecurity landscape, threats that may not have existed a few years ago or their impact have increased significantly.

This can lead to increasing vulnerabilities that an organization may not be aware of or have gaps in their current cybersecurity posture as implemented. Ransomware, for example, is an evolving and highly impactful cybersecurity threat that requires a complex combination of logical, technical, and policy-based controls that need to be carefully implemented to reduce this overall risk. Organizations might find that they have not implemented adequate controls to reduce this risk.

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