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10.6.2 Roundcube & LDAP

So like many other organizations mine was finally fed up with Horde as a webmail system. They had used squirrel mail in the past and was unimpressed by the graphical interface but admitted that it while it lacked glamour it always did perform as they would have expected. Before I had started there their mail system was running on a Linux box using Plesk and running Horde as their primary webmail interface. Immediately I got them into an XServe running OSX mail since their entire organization consisted of Apple iMacs...

mail-server osx-system-administration

10.5.8 Server Upgrade : Mail

Recently I have undergone a massive change, we have decided at our organization to go with Snow Leopard server in place of our Leopard Servers. Knowing that this could be problematic to use Apples built in GUI for migrating data I decided to start with a 100% clean configured Snow Leopard server and slowly start to migrate items over to the new server. Our current Leopard Server was running an DNS, Open Directory Master, Mail, and Wiki Server services. I have decided to share my experience in migrating our mail...


Farewell Widget Show

Well it was not easy for me to do, however I must say it was a fun ride while it lasted. From early 2008 – 2009 I hosted a Mac OSX Dashboard widget related podcast that went into the creation, design and coding of dashboard widgets. The podcast can be found here on iTunes for those interested in subscribing or listening to the shows. It was an interesting venture for sure, my first and last attempt at podcasting, not saying it was not my cup of tea I certainly enjoyed...

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