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Apple Delivers Promised Features in End-of-Year OS Updates

Every year at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple previews planned features in the upcoming versions of macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS. However, not all of those features are necessarily ready for the initial releases of those operating systems. In part, that’s because iOS must ship in sync with the latest iPhone models that Apple releases in September, whereas iPadOS and macOS often come out later. Even then, some of Apple’s promised features may not be ready for public consumption until the .1 or .2 updates. Just before...


LastPass Security Breach. Here's What to Do

Password management company LastPass has announced that it suffered a security breach in which attackers stole both encrypted customer account data (which is bad) and customer vaults containing encrypted usernames and passwords (which is much, much worse). On the positive side, the data of users who abided by LastPass’s defaults and created master passwords of at least 12 characters in length will likely resist cracking attempts. Although 1Password is the most popular password manager for Apple users, we’ve mentioned LastPass as an alternative in previous articles, so here’s what happened...


What Is Advanced Data Protection for iCloud? Should You Enable It?

In early December, Apple made a surprise announcement: Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. It’s not as though iCloud’s standard data protection is problematic, but it hinges on one architectural decision that makes some iCloud data theoretically vulnerable: Apple holds the encryption keys necessary to decrypt iCloud data. Because Apple controls those encryption keys, an attacker or rogue Apple employee who could gain access to them could theoretically steal iCloud data. (There are many more safeguards; it’s not like there’s a big printout of keys anywhere.) Plus, since Apple has the...


Apple patches active exploit vulnerability for iPhones

Apple has released new security content for iOS 16.1.2 and Safari 16.2. Normally we would say that Apple pushed out updates, but in this mysterious case the advisory is about an iPhone software update Apple released two weeks ago. As it turns out, to fix a zero-day security vulnerability that was actively exploited. Mitigation The updates should all have reached you in your regular update routines, but it doesn't hurt to check if your device is at the latest update level. How to update your iPhone or iPad. How to update macOS on Mac....


The Importance of Training

We all learn differently. While some individuals can read instructions one time and know what to do, there are others who benefit from being taught visually or by ‘doing’. Regardless of how you learn, having a single approach for everyone isn’t ideal. The one thing we do know about learning, or training, is that when it comes to cybersecurity, repetition is important. That doesn’t mean taking the same course every quarter, or re reading the manual once a year. Smart and safe cyber practices are critical to your business’s success....


Sharing Netflix, Disney, other passwords is illegal according to new guidance

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the UK government body overseeing intellectual property rights in the UK, has quietly released new guidance on piracy and online counterfeit goods. This campaign is a joint effort between IPO and Meta, Facebook’s parent company. The general issue on piracy is about the use of illegal streaming boxes and apps and how these not only expose children to age-inappropriate content due to lack of parental control but also risk putting sensitive personal information in the hands of hackers and digital thieves. What's noteworthy—as TorrentFreak pointed out—is that the UK now flags password sharing, a...

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