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Virtual kidnapping scam strikes again

Warnings abound of a major new piece of fraud doing the rounds which uses your relative’s voice as part of a blackmail scam. What happens is the victim receives a call from said relative’s number, and they’re cut off by blackmailers who have them held hostage. The only way to get them back safely is to pay a sizable sum of money, usually within a time limit. Refusal to pay up could clearly end very badly for the person being held to ransom. There’s just one problem with this: It’s all...


A Brand New Cybersecurity Training Course for 2023

We are pleased to announce The Breach, their brand-new, narrative-driven Cybersecurity training course for 2023. This course is a feature of Grove Technologies PII Protect Security Awareness Platform. The annual training course gives businesses the opportunity to educate their staff on new and emerging threats and cybersecurity best practices. The Breach combines the narrative style of a CSI-type TV drama with traditional instructional techniques to create a deeper and more engaging learning experience than ever before. The Breach is simply your companies strongest, most intuitive and comprehensive course ever. “The...


Update on the LastPass Security Breach and Our Password manager Recommendation

We are writing this blog to educate you around the latest LastPass security breach event that we feel is important enough to share with all our clients not only clients specifically using LastPass. LastPass is a trusted password manager but as we are learning no technology is immune from security issues. The latest security issues are outlined by LastPass here. LastPass disclosed that “some source code and technical information were stolen from our development environment and used to target another employee, obtaining credentials and keys which were used to access...


Merge Duplicate Photos and Videos in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and Ventura

It’s all too easy to end up with duplicate photos and videos in your Photos library. The most common way is to use the Duplicate command, but we’ve seen duplicates appear due to accidentally repeated actions in other apps, repeated screenshots, multiple imports that include the same image (much as Photos tries to prevent this now), and buggy behavior in iCloud Photos. Identifying duplicate photos and videos is difficult to do manually. Although the human eye is good at noticing when things aren’t the same, it’s much harder to determine...


These New Years Resolutions Will Improve Your Digital Security in 2023

Happy New Year! For many of us, starting a new year means reflecting on fresh habits we’d like to adopt. Although we certainly support any resolutions you may have made to get enough sleep, eat better, reduce social media usage, and exercise more, could we suggest a few that will improve your digital security and reduce the chances that bad things will happen to you online? Keep Your Devices Updated One important thing you can do to protect your security is to install new operating system updates and security updates...


Delete Contacts More Easily in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

Deleting contacts on the iPhone and iPad used to be a pain, especially if you wanted to trash multiple contacts. You had to open the contact, tap Edit, scroll to the bottom, and tap Delete Contact. Although you still can’t swipe left on a contact in a list, as you do when deleting in Mail and Messages, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 provide a simpler method. Touch and hold a contact in the Phone or Contacts lists, and then tap Delete Contact at the bottom.

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